How employee surveys helped organizations during the pandemic

Arnold Case Study series

Arnold is a chatbot-based employee survey tool. During the first wave of COVID-19, we offered free credits to organizations hit by the pandemic. All we asked in return was to get feedback on how Arnold helped them during the pandemic. What you will find below is one of our several best practice case studies.

Five great uses of employee surveys during the pandemic

⓵ Keeping internal communication swift

Since the pandemic began, many employees have had to get accustomed to a new reality and make several adjustments at work. In turbulent times, it is no easy task to keep all groups of employees updated and on track with everything that is going on in the organization. If you want to make sure your internal communication works well, survey your employees regularly.

⓶ Making sure that remote work is efficient

Many organizations were caught unprepared and not ready to send their employees home, but they had no other choice. Finding and fine-tuning a sustainable working model required a certain level o flexibility and creativity. Are you sure your current remote work model is efficient?

⓷ Evaluating the changes you make

Depending on the industry, changes ranged from small to extreme. Some companies had to close down their manufacturing sites; some redesigned processes; some had to change their business model entirely. Do your employees understand and accept such changes?

⓸ Making sure people are well and ready to work

When the pandemic first hit, several families faced unprecedented challenges. COVID-19 brought new emotions and concerns into people’s lives – fear of infecting their elderly loved ones, a sudden switch to working from home, closed schools, unexpected pay cuts. Even though some of these concerns are not job-related, they prevent your employees from being fully engaged at work. Are you able to tell who is ready to work and who could use some assistance?

⓹ Returning to the office safely

When country-wide lockdowns ended, organizations had to decide their approach towards asking their employees to return to the office. Some employees feared returning to packed offices and did not want to take the risk. Others were excited to go back. Can you tell the preference of your employees?

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