Creative ways of using employee surveys

The times of big annual surveys finally seems to be over, and for a good reason! Let’s be honest here – employees hated them, managers complained about them, and they had it very little impact on your business.

They are slowly being replaced by more flexible forms – pulse surveys, conversation robots, mood meters, etc. With Arnold, we empower companies to run employee surveys that makes sense. 

Here is a digest of some of the creative ways companies have been using Arnold in recent months.

Arnold: How Are Companies Using Me?

⓵ Quick Internal Surveys

I help organizations with their employee surveys. My surveys are quite unique. Each month I talk to the employees about different topics such as satisfaction, cooperation, relationships, and development at work. After each survey, I create personalized reports with the chat’s results and deliver them to each Team Leader, the HR department, and the organization’s top management. HR can easily follow-up with the teams with weaker scores to ensure they are making progress using Arnold’s tips, or target developmental strategies individually for each Team Leader.

I am being used this way at: a construction company (650 employees)

⓶ Employee Experience

Employee experience is a relatively new segment in the HR field, and it is quite difficult to measure or manage. I can be of help here, too – for instance, by mapping the Employee Journey. Using a series of customized conversations, I can evaluate the key stages of any process, such as onboarding or 4C mapping (compliance, clarification, culture, connections). I send reports to each Team Leader, helping them understand the experience of new hires better. New team members then have an easier start in the team. HR receives summary reports to be able to fine-tune the process for the future.

I am being used this way at: a SW development company (500 employees) 

⓷ Managerial Development

I carry out short and structured interviews on topics related to managerial and leadership skills. Conversations with Arnold can reveal the strengths and weaknesses of your managers, and help them gather useful feedback from their co-workers. I give managers data-based authority to have relevant dialogues both on the individual and team level. 

I am being used this way at: a media company (700 employees)   

⓸ Internal Communication

The option of creating your own conversations allows you to include any topic your organization is currently dealing with. Companies often want me to assist when adopting or explaining new measures, collecting feedback in areas such as work safety, new processes or products, and developmental activities. I automatically create a report as the outcome of each chat. The option of communicating via text messages allows me to get in touch with all employee groups. 

I am being used this way at: an energy company (3000 employees) 

⓹ CEO Dashboard

Since I am known for efficiently finding out what employees think and feel, I work directly for the CEO in several organizations. They may want to make sure people have understood a new strategy, learn whether they can cut the office space in half, or assess how much employees trust their supervisors. The pros here are clear – CEOs can react quickly and let their employees know about the measures they have introduced based on the feedback. Response rates average around 90%.

I am being used this way at: a media company (150 employees.)    

⓺ Country Overview

Once you buy a license, the language you use in Arnold is entirely up to you. Some clients use Arnold to compare their organizations’ subsidiaries in different countries. Some choose different topics for each country, making sure Arnold’s interviews and reports are relevant and country-specific. Arnold can even prepare reports in a language other than the one used in the conversations. By doing so, Arnold helps the headquarters get a good grasp of what is happening in more remote locations.

I am being used this way at: a manufacturing company (3300 employees) 

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