Arnold's Story

Arnold’s story began in 2017 following extensive research focused on the biggest pains of HR managers and CEOs. Our analysis uncovered several areas that showed potential but as we pondered the best one to delve into, one of them instantly stood out. Employee surveys.  


Most employee surveys that we had experienced in our professional lives or encountered during our research were incredibly dull, hard to understand, and, unfortunately, of minimal impact. 

We used human-centered design as the innovation framework, and together with our clients, started to prototype a new generation of employee surveys.


Our goal was to create a tool which:

  • employees love to use
  • helps managers grow and make better decisions
  • helps HR managers to deliver more strategic outputs


We tested several prototypes, but when we finally came up with the conversation robot named Arnold, the search was over. Since Arnold’s creation, we have been deconstructing and redesigning every single element of employee surveys to make Arnold even more useful and impactful. And we are not done yet, Arnold’s constantly improving. Follow us on social media to keep track of new features that we keep adding each month.

Who is behind Arnold?