About Arnold

Arnold’s mission is to tweak the workings of companies and teams so that people feel good at work and fulfill their goals together. Arnold is a companion throughout the entire employee journey — he guides candidates through recruitment, newcomers through adaptation, and for employees he continuously verifies their satisfaction and needs. When used correctly and regularly, he’ll ensure harmony between people in teams and across your business. He mainly helps where there is a will to harmonize and connect people, in other words a place where it’s normal for people to communicate openly. Things that people sometimes chat about in the morning over coffee, or perhaps more often today in chat and via Teams, also reach the right listeners. Sometimes it’s solving these “little things” that people appreciate most.

We believe that with Arnold we can help make people feel good at work because they see that their opinion matters. Moreover, people in such well-tuned and functioning teams move things forward more easily together, no matter how ambitious their personal, team or company goals may be.