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Ready-made topics

Sometimes there’s no need to ask everyone about everything in a lengthy satisfaction survey. Working with robust output and delivering it to managers on time is hard work that often doesn’t bring about the desired change in the end.  That’s why we built Arnold completely differently from the ground up.

In collaboration with HR experts, Arnold has prepared more than 35 short, roughly 5-minute chats that will take up a minimum of people’s time. Topics cover the entire journey of an employee from recruitment, through the first months on the job, the time the employee spends in the company, right up to leaving.

You can use Arnold’s topics as they are or customize them to fit your company culture and specific requirements. You can also write your own.


Arnold can map the experience of candidates who apply for any of your open positions. In a clear report, you can easily find out why the candidates applied, how they felt during the interview, and perhaps even the most common reasons for not accepting the offer. Arnold’s hiring module can be directly linked to the Teamio application and automate the sending of surveys in connection with actions performed in Teamio.



Did you know that insufficient adaptation of newcomers is one of the most common reasons for voluntarily leaving the company to seek happiness elsewhere?  Arnold’s onboarding module will help you verify whether your onboarding is set up correctly, or find blind spots in the adaptation process and discover in time what new employees need help with.

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Development and retention

Arnold has a library of ready-made themes that you can run as-is or customize to suit your company Get a complete picture of how people work in your company. Are you going through a change? Ask how employees perceive it. Ask them as often as you need, take time to evaluate and follow up. The topics have a narrow focus, hence ensuring their actionability. The results will not lead to an overwhelming workload lasting several months.

You can ask employees about satisfaction, teamwork, engagement, values, motivation and much more. You can launch individual topics directly from your admin portal as required.

We’re constantly improving the conversation library and enriching it with further relevant topics.

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You’ll also use Arnold to map the most common reasons for leaving the company. In one place, he’ll create an overview of why people most often leave, what they have learned at work and what they take away from it, and where they see that the company should change.