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We're happy that Arnold speaks our language

When the company introduced a new brand, corporate strategy and values, they needed to know how well employees understood them. They used the Arnold chatbot for the survey, and the HR team started working with the results immediately.

We first present the important topics that we want to discuss with the employees through Arnold to the board. We explain why we intend to solve the topics with people, how they are linked to the company’s strategy and what the results will be used for.

Helena Steinerová, Senior manager, Recruitment, Development & Employer Brand, GasNet

The results are graphically clear and quantified, but anyone who wants can get access to qualitative findings as well. And above all, it is possible to filter the results and make them available for individual departments, solving the problem of anonymity, and each manager sees only their team.

Kateřina Brožková Marková, HR & Internal Project Specialist, Digiteq Automotive

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Thanks to Arnold, people can confide about what is bothering them at work

They have been using Arnold for less than a year. During that time, however, they have managed to carry out a number of surveys with his help. For example, they tested the pilot operation of shared workplaces and identified employees who were at risk of leaving the company. They also found out what bothers employees at work.

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Thanks to Arnold, they verified that they have a high-quality training process

At TSR Czech Republic, they are convinced that digitalization belongs to HR. They started using Arnold to help them with onboarding.

At the start, it was necessary to know how newcomers feel during the probation period. And this led us to Arnold. At TSR CR he helped, amongst other things, to discover hidden leaders and helpful colleagues in teams. “They are the people who helped the new employees the most during the training process, although they are not officially team leaders. And thanks to Arnold, we also verified that our training process is well structured.

HR manager Tereza Čuříková, TSR Czech Republic

Arnold helps in Scio perhaps a little unconventionally: four to six times a year, with his help, they learn employees’ opinions on current topics. “Based on Arnold’s results, we implement measures to address any current burning issues in the company.

Tomáš Habermann, team leader

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Based on Arnold's results, we implement measures to address any current burning issues in the company.

How to reorganize offices and how to “talk” to each other remotely. Arnold wasn’t the only one at Scio to find out.

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We would like to continue using Arnold, I see a role for him in onboarding and outplacement especially.

Standardizing the recruitment process can sometimes be quite problematic. Especially if it takes place across many different branches and the recruiter does not have a complete overview of its progress.

My goal was to identify where we have weak points and, based on that, help hiring managers implement corrective measures to standardize and improve the entire recruitment process.

recruitment specialist Lucie Bernardová, Siko

Thanks to Arnold, they found out, among other things, that some employees lack information, because they only receive it through team leaders, and this communication channel is sometimes a little rusty.

Lenka Němcová, head of the HR department

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Albi's experience with Arnold has been so successful that they are planning further surveys. They are going to investigate the topic of onboarding and then use it to identify company values.

More uniforms and a greater emphasis on ecology. At Albi, Arnold helped discover what people would appreciate.

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