• Arnold is operated by LMC s.r.o. (VAT ID: CZ26441381)
  • As far as personal data is concerned, LMC acts as the processor (the client is the administrator). This role implies that LMC is not allowed to use your information or contacts for other reasons than data collection and result distribution based on your input via the administration portal.
  • The processing of personal data is regulated by the Product Terms, and your consent is required to implement Arnold in your organization. 
  • We are very serious about your privacy. Please view our Privacy Policy and Personal Data Processing Policy.
  • We store your data on LMC s.r.o.-owned servers. Your data are not transferred to countries outside the EU.
  • Arnold allows users to answer in anonymous mode. Data collected in this manner are not considered personal data.


  • Arnold uses corporate e-mail addresses or phone numbers to communicate with the users.
  • If, for any reason, you can’t use company contacts, you can use your employees’ private contacts – provided that people have given you consent (sometimes this consent is part of the employment contract).
  • If you do not have this consent, it is possible to run Arnold in the “Kiosk” mode (Arnold runs on a public PC in a communal area)

Legitimate interests

  • Arnold collects and processes the organization’s data based on the organization’s legitimate interest in obtaining feedback for the organization’s management.


  • In most cases, consent with the processing of personal data is already stated in the employment or supplier contract. If this is not the case, contact us. We will find a solution together.
  • If someone does not agree with participating in Arnold, it is possible to exclude them in the Admin Portal.

Providing Transparent Information / Information Provisions

  • Information on the extent and nature of data processing by Arnold is stated in the Product terms.
  • Basic information is also provided to users in the first conversation (“Nice to meet you”) – this conversation explains how personal data are treated, and survey results are distributed.