• Arnold is a tool for conducting employee surveys using a conversation robot

  • To use Arnold you will need an

    • Admin

      • PC with internet access

      • Functional email address

      • Browser (recommended: Chrome)

    • Users

      • Internet access (PC, tablet or mobile phone with browser)

      • Own email address or telephone number (for receiving SMS)


Although in most cases Arnold works immediately, we recommend that you take a few steps before sending it out:

  • Reporting a project to the IT department

    • Arnold will send employees emails (conversation invitations) from 

    • In order for the IT department not to evaluate these emails as SPAM, it is advisable to notify them in advance, or request the inclusion of the address on the so-called white-list (list of trusted addresses). Recommended question: 

☑ Please include the address on the whitelist mail server.

    • It’s also a good idea to find out if the IT department is blocking a service that sends Arnold’s emails. Recommended question: 

 ☑ Does IT block emails from SparkPost?

 ☑ If so, can the lock be switched off?

  • Pre-launch testing

    • Arnold uses a technology called WebSocket. In exceptional cases, this technology is blocked by the IT department. Try opening the test page and talking to Arnold for 1 minute. If the conversation “freezes”, it is necessary to contact IT – recommended question: 

☑ We need to configure the proxy server so that it does not block the WebSocket.

  • Verification after the first distribution

    • After the first distribution, we recommend finding out from several employees whether they received an invitation from Arnoldand it was possible to talk nicely with Arnold.


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