Tour of Arnold Features

Engaging conversations drive high response rates

Talking to Arnold feels a bit like talking to a person. 

  • Employees are more open and willing to share their thoughts and feelings with Arnold.
  • Response rates are surprisingly high. 

Topics that fit your organization

We have prepared conversations ranging from Employee Satisfaction to Goals and Priorities and Happiness at Work.

  • Select one of the 30+ topics we have prepared for you.
  • Pick one that fits you, or create your own.

Reports for team leaders and managers

After each conversation, Arnold will create customized reports for your team leaders. He will also generate summary reports for HR and top management with an overview of people’s thoughts and feelings.  



  • Employees usually answer under their names rather than in the anonymous mode, which makes Arnold’s reports much more relevant and informative.
  • You can select report recipients. Deliver results to the right people.

Communication templates

Introducing Arnold to your company is not rocket science, but it needs to be done properly.

  • We have prepared ready-made communication templates.
  • You can adjust them to fit your company culture.

Multi-language support (conversations, reports)

Do you use multiple languages in your organization? Arnold can handle that.


  • All users can choose the language they want to speak with Arnold. 
  • Arnold can even prepare reports in a language other than the one used in the conversations.

Customizing Arnold

Do you need to evaluate your new intranet portal? Or get feedback on a new policy? No problem.

  • You can customize ready-made conversations.
  • Or you can create your own from scratch.

One platform

You will manage Arnold from one place – your Admin Portal.

  • Everything in one place.
  • Tutorials for more complex tasks (e.g., employee list imports).
  • If you get stuck or lost, our support is here to help you.

No e-mails? No problem

If your employees work outside the office or do not have corporate e-mails, you can still use Arnold.


  • Arnold can send text messages to mobile phones to get in touch with your employees.
  • Either you or your employees can set this up.
  • You can also run Arnold in the “Kiosk” mode for the employees without mobile phones, using a public computer in a communal area.  

Different topics for different people

Arnold can discuss different topics in different departments. Just match the right conversation with the right department.


  • Each department can run a different topic.
  • You will get a separate report for each topic.