At Tipsport, they always use Arnold to check if they are on the right path.

Tipsport have been using Arnold for three years. Over that time, the employees of the headquarters, of which there are over 700, have dealt with a lot of topics: from satisfaction through education to well-being. The chatbot primarily serves to verify assumptions in the sports betting company. Groundbreaking revelations don’t happen here very often. Still, Arnold can spring a surprise from time to time.

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At Tipsport, they have been using Arnold since 2019. In addition to an annual survey on employee satisfaction, the onboarding process in the case of newcomers is a survey subject, and then various topics according to current requirements. The last two were: how employees view education and how they assess well-being at work.

“We use Arnold to verify theses rather than to find out opinions in the company that we would not have known about,”

Monika Jamrišková, Internal Communication and HR Event Specialist

Less than we expected

Arnold is called into service when they are introducing a new program for employees. Such as well-being.

Arnold asked employees, for example, how the company can further help people combine their personal lives and work, which areas they would like to develop in terms of their personal health, and how the relationships in teams are.

Since it was more of a confirmation of suspicions, the results did not spring any revolutionary surprises, although one unexpected piece of information was:

“We thought the survey would confirm a relatively high level of working under stress, which was also one of the questions in our well-being survey. But this has not been completely confirmed,” says Monika Jamrišková.

Who wants to educate themselves?

Two other recent topics have been internal communication and education. “It’s true that the return rate on surveys is at least around 70%, but in the case of education it was only about 40%,” recalls Monika Jamrišková.

Even though the return was lower than usual, Arnold revealed some interesting results. “For example, the fact that 85% of people perceive that they have moved forward in their development over the past year. At the same time, he helped us to map areas for internal sharing of experience,” adds the specialist in internal communication and HR events.

Other regularly researched topics include onboarding. It has the highest return rate, above 90%, and a similar percentage of newcomers are also satisfied with the onboarding process.

Although the response rate has traditionally been high for other Arnold surveys, individual employees sometimes react negatively to chatbot interviews: they don’t want to talk to him and would rather share their opinions live.

Of course, this type of feedback is also used at Tipsport. Arnold, however, is an important addition to these face-to-face interviews because he provides a statistical and understandable overview of opinions on specific topics.

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