Onboarding is successful, verified across the board at Notino with the help of Arnold

Notino is a fast-growing dynamic company that recruits 20 to 30 people a month. Arnold has been learning from them how they like recruitment process and probationary period since April of this year. The response rate is high. Thanks to this, the Brno company found, for example, that they had set up a great first day for newcomers to attend, but also that some employees felt that the adaptation plan was not sufficiently explained.

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A total of three rounds of the survey await new employees of the internet perfumery, which already operates in 28 European countries. Arnold speaks to those who take up office positions at headquarters, in the call center, or as store managers.

In the first round, Arnold asks not only how newcomers rate recruitment process, but also to roughly evaluate the first week of their new job. After about six weeks, they’re given a set of questions about how they work with their team, communicate with their supervisor, and how well-trained they feel. At the end of the probation period, they have an opportunity to comment on the entire three-month adaptation.

“About three days after joining, they get an email from me explaining what Arnold is, why he’s going to talk to them, and where the results are going to go. A few days later they’ll have their first chat,”

Tereza Voháňková, HR marketing specialist

A magical first day

“My colleagues and I are pleased that in the first round of the survey, the rating from newcomers is positive. They especially like the first day, which includes, in addition to the introductory presentation about the company, a tour of the offices, getting to know other colleagues in the form of a game or a joint lunch,” explains the HR marketing specialist.

However, she admits that in the following rounds of the survey slight dissatisfactions arise from the new arrivals. They concern, for example, the high pace of work, which, according to Tereza Voháňková, is due to the nature of business in the dynamic field of e-commerce.

While it is difficult to do anything about this factor, another of the findings was relatively easy to correct. Some newcomers complained in April, when the survey began, that the adaptation plan had not been adequately explained to them. Based directly on the results from Arnold, this did not happen again.

The opinions gleaned from new employees can also be responded to by the heads of individual departments. They receive the results of the survey from an HR marketing specialist with a recommendation on what to focus on.

Why Arnold?

They decided to use Arnold at Notino because they wanted to map satisfaction with both the adaptation and parts of the recruitment process across the board and get a quantifiable overview. They were pleasantly surprised by the return rate on responses, which in the first round is around 80 to 90%, in the next two it decreases a little, but never below 60%. In addition, however, Notino also use standard 1: 1 interviews with newcomers.

“A survey in the form of a chatbot is more personal and easy for respondents to work with. However, it is harder for us to work with the results, the reports are not very clear, especially for those to whom I send them as an administrator. Overall, however, Arnold is a great instrument,” concludes Tereza Voháňková.

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