People want to get together more outside of work, one of many things Arnold discovered at the VoZP health insurance company

Thanks to Arnold, VoZP found out how satisfied people are and what should be improved at the branches and at the head office. For example, employees across the company felt they were lacking more frequent meetings outside of work. However, the survey will be repeated at the insurance company to find out how the shortcomings identified by Arnold have been eliminated.

Who helped you the most?

The head of the human resources management department didn’t want to repeat this scenario. That’s why she decided to use Arnold and continue to working with his findings. After reaching agreement with management, she selected five topics, about which the chatbot then asked all 390 employees of the insurance company across seven branches and head office. In addition to their overall satisfaction, he found out how they liked the work environment, goal setting, workload and workplace relationships.

When Olga Bednářová was interested in when and how an employee survey was last conducted in VoZP CR, she found out that it had been ten years. The completed paper questionnaires were then stored away in folders, where they remain to this day, but nothing more was done with the results.

We want to meet more frequently

The survey was conducted from October to December last year. For the first two months, Arnold always asked about two topics, in December only one. “The response rate was high at first – it was 91%, then dropped to roughly 70% and in one case to 57%,” says Olga Bednářová about people’s willingness to answer.

She’s satisfied, and particularly appreciates the fact that thanks to Arnold, the head office learned directly what was bothering people at the branches, which had previously spread mainly thanks to unofficial “rumors”. After processing the results, the insurance company rushed to implement corrective measures.

One of them was not too complicated – people across the company missed meeting outside of work, which was mainly due to restrictions connected to the Covid-19 pandemic. When the situation eased this spring, Olga Bednářová personally visited the branches and emphasized that the company had allocated money for joint activities outside of work and that people could start organizing them.

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A very good thing

In addition to the overall summary of the results, specific results were also given to directors and the heads of individual teams under them. They discussed them with their team members. They agreed on what to work on – for example, which deficiencies to eliminate in terms of office equipment or the company’s IT system.

The shortcomings they detected were included in the plan and are gradually being worked on. “We set a deadline for the end of March next year, by which time all the items in the plan should have been removed. After that, we will repeat the survey to find out how successful it was,” Olga Bednářová explains how rigorous they intend to be in working with the survey results this time.

And if she had to summarize how she evaluates Arnold? “Using Arnold is simple, fast, efficient, organizationally undemanding and user-friendly,” thinks the head of the human resources management department. The only improvement she would like is in the processing of the results, which according to her has certain gaps and seemed rather laborious. “However, for me, Arnold is a very good thing and I would recommend him to colleagues in other companies.”

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