Increase new employee satisfaction and onboarding with smart surveys

Badly executed onboarding is one of the most common reasons for people voluntarily leaving companies. Employees often have no idea if they are doing their new job correctly. Parallel to this, they lack a place where they can share their concerns. These obstacles can be easily removed, you just need to know about them.

31% of employees leave a job within the first six months, and their main reason for leaving is a bad onboarding experience.

Inadequate onboarding is the second most common reason for voluntary departures from the company. Companies with good onboarding have more satisfied new employees as well as a higher percentage of employees who are able to meet their annual goals.
Arnold aims to fine-tune onboarding processes so employees have the best possible experience from their first months with the company. He verifies whether the newcomers integrate well, or alerts you to those who encounter any difficulties during the adaptation period. In this way, you can solve any nascent problems before the new employee gets in too deep and gives up the job.

How can Arnold improve your onboarding?

The chatbot Arnold allows you to get feedback from newbies quickly through short interactive chats. Arnold’s onboarding module contains 7 interrelated topics mapping the employee’s experience in the first months after joining the company. Arnold will create both reports with results for individuals and overview reports mapping the adaptation process as a whole for HR and team managers. Running this module is simple – just enter new employees’ emails and start date. Arnold will take care of everything else and help you gain more control over turnover rates due to lack of adaptation.


Choosing topics

7 ready-made methodological topics with the option of editing



Arnold talks to newcomers about selected onboarding topics


Smart reports

Arnold sends reports to HR and alerts managers when a problem is detected.


Admin portal

Survey planning and overview reports in one place.

Choosing topics

You can use 7 ready-made topics that map the key moments of onboarding in the first months after joining. You can edit the topics in any way you like, or even create your own.

Surveys in the form of a chat

Arnold develops an engaging, approximately 2-3 minute conversation on each topic. He speaks to the employees in a friendly and understandable manner, which is also why he maintains an average reply rate of around 70%. There is no need to install any application – Arnold will contact newbies by email or SMS. If the employee doesn’t want to answer using their own name, they can switch to anonymous mode at any time.

Smart reports

With more newcomers, the HR department gets an increasingly detailed overview of how onboarding works in the company. At the same time, they can open a report for each topic (or a specific period) and see more detailed feedback. This way, potential problems can be solved immediately with newcomers and their managers. It is also possible to turn on notifications for managers who will receive an alert with a link to the details of the problem. Arnold’s smart reports will show you how well you have set up the individual stages of the onboarding process. You can then continuously evaluate the effectiveness of the newly introduced changes.

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