Arnold FAQ

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How to make the right choice

Arnold knows how to work both in a team and within a company as a whole. He does not have a problem with a small team working remotely or a large corporation. Thanks to automation and the cloud principle of operation, he can serve one or a thousand employees equally carefully and attentively. Arnold can adapt to any team, can attend individually to any number of employees, while still delivering the same quality output.
In addition to team reports, Arnold also prepares reports for HR and company management, in which data is displayed for the entire company, highlighting important areas that should be focussed on. View a sample company-wide report.
  • Together, we’ll customize Arnold to meet your requirements.
    • we’ll set up teams and distribution lists
    • we’ll compile cycles of relevant topics that Arnold will ask about and set their frequency
    • we’ll determine the form of reporting
  • We’ll teach HR professionals and managers how to use Arnold.
    • we’ll thoroughly train all future Arnold users
  • We’ll help you introduce Arnold to employees.
    • proper internal communication will ensure a high success rate for Arnold interviews
  • We will be available at any time to provide support, solutions and answers.
The minimum period you can use Arnold is 3 months. The maximum is entirely up to you.
Arnold is the first, and so far the only one of his kind, there is currently no service similar to him on the market. Any comparison is therefore only possible with the conventional category of employee surveys, and Arnold’s main benefits are:
  • significant time and cost savings
  • the ability to gain quality insight across the entire company
  • flexibility and speed of response to established facts
Yes, Arnold can be purchased for selected months, several times a year. This option may be used, for example, when the client plans to have one or two larger employee surveys per year. In this case, the reports remain available for as long as the Arnold subscription is active. At the end of the subscription, the reports are available for another 30 days. Should the subscription be renewed, the reports will be available again. Regardless of the edition of Arnold selected, due to GDPR, the longest period for which reports are available is 25 months. After this period, they are irretrievably (really utterly and completely) deleted.
It is possible to use only a certain selected type of surveys, e.g. Onboarding newcomers. However, it must be remembered that the minimum number of prepaid participants in the Business and Essential editions is 50. As the feedback collection for onboarded newcomers runs for three months, the number of 50 engaged participants per month corresponds to exactly 200 onboardings per year. If you have fewer than 200 boardings per year, the cost of the onboarding section of Arnold is still 30,000 CZK for the Essential edition and 45,000 CZK for the Business edition. Access to other unused topics is functionally not limited and all available topics can be used with the purchased number of participants.
Yes, it’s possible. Arnold allows you to increase the number of participants for an active subscription. The price for new participants is then calculated as the number of remaining months of the subscription * the number of participants * the price of the selected edition.   If the number of participants increases during the month, the number of remaining days in the month/number of days in the month * number of participants * price of the selected edition is calculated for that month.
Yes, you can fill out a form directly in Arnold, which we will process immediately. However, we do not have an payment gateway implemented yet, so the request must be processed manually.

Arnold's employee survey

Although Arnold is a robot, he speaks in regular, everyday language so that everyone in the company can understand him without any problems. Interviews take place in the form of a chat and take a maximum of 5 minutes. Arnold can also give advice and solve any problems during the interview. Watch a sample conversation.
Interview completion rate, and thus the volume of processed data, is directly dependent on the correct setting of the topics that Arnold is interested in in the interviews, as well as on the internal communication that precedes and accompanies the use of Arnold. We are happy to help you with both so that the interview completion rate is at least 80%.
Arnold includes over 22 default topics that support the following areas: retention, business performance, business success, development, culture and change. See the complete list of all topics.
Yes, but be aware that creating and fine-tuning your own conversation is time-consuming.
Arnold communicates fluently in these languages:
  • Czech
  • English
  • Slovak
Arnold can also manage a set of basic conversations in:
  • Polish
  • Hungarian
  • Romanian
  • Bulgarian
Thanks to the automation of all processes, Arnold makes it possible to carry out an employee survey as often as you need. Even every 14 days.
Yes, we are currently pilot testing this option by agreement with clients if they use Teamio PRO for recruitment process management. In this case, Arnold runs completely automatically in the background and collects feedback from applicants
  • invited for an interview – applicants will receive an email directly from Arnold
  • rejected – we will set up a link to the conversation in the rejection email template
In this case, Arnold collects feedback on individual applicants after a good three months. The maximum number of applicants for which Arnold collects feedback is 25% of the total number of prepaid participants.

How to try Arnold

Register at We will immediately send you  login details to the e-mail you provided during registration. Arnold will also send you a link to enter the Administration from In Administration, follow the instructions, set passwords and enter the list of employees. Set the distribution dates as required.
The demo is completely free and without further obligations. In the demo, you have all Arnold’s functions available for testing without any  limitation, so you can easily try a fully-fledged employee survey. The demo version is limited by time (30 days) and only the set of basic topics is available.
Arnold will send an email to all your colleagues asking them for 5 minutes to chat with him. After clicking on the link in the email, your colleagues will see a chat in which Arnold will talk to them and note their suggestions. Arnold will invite colleagues to chat as often as you set in Administration. After each round of interviews, Arnold immediately sends a summary report to your email, so you can quickly respond to the requests and requirements of employees.


Arnold creates conclusions and recommendations from every conversation for each manager, HR and CEO. After the interviews, each receive a report that also contains practical recommendations for the current situation. Each manager has their team’s results available. It takes 10 minutes to familiarize yourself with the survey results. View a sample team report.
When Arnold sees room for improvement based on the data collected, he also includes tips for improvement in team reports to managers. These are intended for managers as inspiration for leading their teams and are linked directly to the specific results of an individual team.


Anyone who does not wish to answer using their own name can switch to anonymous mode.
Arnold is a Data Processor in GDPR terminology and is governed by the legislation applicable on the client’s market. Personal data is processed only for the purpose of conducting employee research. The data is stored on Arnold’s servers and is properly secured. A part of the Product Terms and Conditions is an agreement on the processing of personal data, which defines the reason for data processing, the method of their security, interaction and synergy, and also the commitment that we will never use the data for a purpose other than that specified by you.


He doesn’t have to be installed, Arnold is fully online. You can therefore use him with any internet browser on a computer, tablet or mobile phone. His use does not require any intervention in your company’s infrastructure.
The data is stored on LMC servers in the Czech Republic, which are secured with the highest level of protection.


The return on investment is individual for each company. But you can easily calculate the ROI by comparing the costs of Arnold and the labor costs needed to handle the entire employee survey agenda. Arnold will reduce the difficulty of answering questionnaires, and the time required to process the results and to familiarize yourself with the survey results to mere minutes. The total time saving ranges from tens to hundreds of hours for 1 employee survey. But the effects of employee involvement may be of greater interest to you: 50% higher employee engagement 46% higher employee confidence 45% higher employee trust in employers 44% higher work efficiency 42% higher work performance 69% lower employee turnover
The amount of monthly costs is directly derived from the number of employees in your company and includes all the costs of Arnold’s operation (the price list is available on Arnold’s website). If you are not satisfied with Arnold, we guarantee your money back.
It’s not necessary to know exactly how many of you there will be in the company in a year’s time, just an estimate. When calculating, simply ask yourself these questions: Are we planning to increase the number of employees? If so, at what rate? Do we plan to have about the same number of employees? Or, on the contrary, are we planning to reduce the number of employees a bit? Once you have answered these questions, factor your outlook into the calculation and, together with the selected edition, determine the annual price of the service. If your headcount happens to grow faster than you anticipated, we at Arnold will notify you of this fact, but we will not limit the service. We will only contact you if you significantly exceed the prepaid number of participants.